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Grandma's Boy features geriatric sex, onanism, the usual

Vladimir Cole

Grandmas Boy movie posterA couple of us from Joystiq were treated last night to a preview of Grandma's Boy, a comedy about a video game tester who is forced to live with his grandmother and her two old friends after getting kicked out of his own apartment.

As much as we'd love to provide a full review of the movie, we were told that we can't publish one until the first week of January when the film is released to the public. Let's hope we still remember the funny bits and have forgotten the dumb bits by then.

Since we can't give you our own thoughts on the flick, we'll point you to sister blog Cinematical, who have written that reviews for Grandma's Boy "are going to be terrible" and that the movie "doesn't seem coherently dirty or funny enough to bring in an audience, even of people who dig dumb comedies." We have our own thoughts on the movie, but hey, it's not our rule that we can't share them with you.

We'll publish our review on January 2nd.

PS: the website for the movie is broken. Don't bother going there.

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