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Circuit City receiving limited Xbox 360 replenishments

Ben Striegel
Circuit City logo (225)

According to several tipsters, Circuit City has just received a new shipment of Xbox 360s which are available to be specially ordered on a first come, first served basis. Here's the catch: the warehouses that service several states each are only getting about 170 units per distributor, so don't expect your local store to receive more than 2 or 3 boxes. Both premium and core bundles will be for sale, though the ratio of premium bundles to core bundles is still unknown. The good news, though, is that anyone placing a special order for the 360 right now could presumably have their hands on a box within the next few days to a week. Of course, there's a chance that you'll have to settle for a lowly core package, though a crippled 360 is better than no 360, right? Just so we're clear, that there's what they call a rhetorical question.

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