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South Korean carriers to standardize cellphone accessories

Ryan Block

It might seem like the time has inevitably come for cellphone manufacturers and carriers to accept the loss in their revenue stream and standardize their plugs, ports, cables, and accessories (as does the PC world). And from the sound of it some big names in South Korea are about to do just that: SK Telecom, KTF, and LG Telecom have signed a memorandum of understanding that their earphones, data cables, and other accessories will be universal, so changing handset manufacturers won’t necessarily require the purchase of a new bin of add-ons to go along with it. Unfortunately, for the most part the industry has already started to take care of this on its own. Between standardized Bluetooth, mini-USB, and 2.5mm jacks, accessories are becoming increasingly simple to port between devices. No, the truly important bit here is what’s gone unmentioned: the power cables. Because unless you do have mini-USB port (and the option of charging with it), the universal power adapter / connector for your cellphone should be at the top of the heap of accessories these companies need to standardize.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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