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Digital tuner included; HD or HD-Ready?

Kevin C. Tofel

That's what one of our UK readers, Marc, wants to know. Turns out that Marc just scored a Dell W3706MC widescreen LCD TV. Marc writes "It has 1 digital tuner and 1 analogue. My question this TV HDTV or HD-Ready? It says HD Ready, but I am a bit confused from what I read on your site about the difference between the two."

Here's the skinny Marc:
if a set has a built-in digital tuner it is an HDTV set. If the set has no built-in digital tuner but can display HDTV signals from an external tuner, then it is HD-Ready. I'm not sure why Dell is labeling this set as "HD-Ready" but my guess is that there are different labeling standards in the UK than in the United States.

The good news is: regardless of what the label says, you've got yourself a solid HDTV set. Cheers mate!

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