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Wait, you CAN reliably stream HDTV over 802.11g?


That's what Ruckus Wireless would have you believe anyway. Kevin already told us that his experience with b/g streaming was inconsistent at best, who are we to believe? The proof will be shown at CES however, where they will be showing a PC streaming high definition content to several devices equipped with their routers and wireless adapters, including a laptop, Xbox 360, set-top box and PDA.

According to their CEO Selina Lo they are applying "internet techniques" to wireless and can route around obstructions and interference in real-time. Uh....sure, I'll believe it when I see it.

While Kevin's cats won't be in attendance, he will and I'm told is more than willing to cough a hairball onto one of the antennas to make sure it is a fair test.

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