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Novago V90 GPS with voice recognition

Evan Blass

For years we've been suggesting that our GPS receivers perform unnatural acts upon themselves in uncomfortable places after misdirecting us for the umpteenth time, but the forthcoming V90 from Novogo may be one of the first units to actually listen to us and perform the requested operation (either that or it will get snippy, and pout by going on standby). Seriously, though, the V90 does indeed include voice-recognition software, which we assume is used for giving it directions and not telling it what a piece of crap you think it is. Besides the electronic ear, this device also sports a 400 MHz processor, 3.5-inch color touchscreen, CF and SD card slots, remote control, and the Traffic Message Channel service for re-routing. Unfortunately neither price nor release date are known for this rather snazzy looking route-finder.

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