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HDTV with built-in Windows Media Connect

Kevin C. Tofel

This could be the start of an interesting trend. We thought we needed an Xbox 360 or other computer-based media extender to get HD programming from a Windows Media Center PC to an HDTV. ED Digital gave us a big "boo on you" today with the announcement of integrated Windows Media connect functionality in their upcoming LCD televisions.

The new Digitrex line of LCDs will include network capability to play back digital media from WMCE computers or any other Plays for Sure content downloads. ED Digital is officially launching the product as well as themselves at a super-secret shindig next week. Oh, that's right, you already heard that CES is around the corner, so the secret's out. Before they launch the company, we recommend changing their name to HD Digital as "ED" is sooo not "HD."

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