Engadget Podcast 058 - 01.04.2006

Randall Bennett
R. Bennett|01.05.06

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Engadget Podcast 058 - 01.04.2006 image
Engadget Podcast 058 - 01.04.2006 image

Podcast logoWhile it's been a whirlwind few weeks in the world of the Engadget podcast, the flavor is back and ready for your CES consumption. Today's first episode of the podcast rocks out with more than your classic podcast favs like Ryan and Peter; today's podcast has interviews with everyone from Engadget contributors on the front lines to the exhibitors behind velvet ropes at the Digital Experience. We talk with some of the folks shaping CES including Microsoft's main Windows Mobile man John Starkweather, and OQO's Jory Bell. Clocking in just shy of an hour, this episode is the first of many we'll be recording here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

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Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Randall Bennett

J J J - Jobs that Require Headphones

58:16, 26.6 MB, MP3

00:36 Welcome to CES 2006.
03:31 CES Unveiled: ROKR E2
06:41 GigaBeat S-series
08:56 Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players unveiled
10:10 External HD-DVD for Xbox 360
11:40 CES2006.engadget.com
12:53 Barb on Sony's Press Preview
23:23 John Starkweather from Microsoft on the GigaBeat
24:45 Jack from Sony Ericcson and the Sony Walkman Phone
26:08 Tom from Sanyo, talking about the tapeless 720p HD1
27:23 Paul Boutin on the Bill Gates keynote
38:21 In-depth interview: Jory Bell and Dr. Richard Pocklington from OQO talk about the Model 01 getting Tablet PC OS


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