PlayStation 3 to ship region free!

Well we'll be damned. Looks like after all the biz with the PlayStation 3 being delayed, Blu-ray possibly experiencing issues with managed copy, and a load of uncertainty about whether it'll even perform as well as Sony expects (and everyone hopes), Sony's announced PS3 consoles will launch region-free for games. Yeah, you heard us, any game anywhere in the world will play on any PlayStation 3 console purchased in any nation -- in theory. Granted, that doesn't necessarily mean developers will include translations for every language with their game, but could this usher in a new era of nation and language agnostic gaming? Perhaps, perhaps, but if nothing else, keeping it region-free is a very pro-consumer move that will make it easier for game fans to be game fans. Of course that's to say nothing for the homebrew community who will undoubtedly continue to suffer until the end of time, but hey, it's a step.

[Thanks, Bruce]