Shutterbug receives major overhaul

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Shutterbug by xtralean software allows you to make online photo galleries (and more) easily. Construction is drag-and-drop simple and the supplied templates don't scream "I'm using a default template!" Alternatively, if you're the type that likes to design things yourself, you can do that too.

Last week, Shutterbug 2.0 was released with more than thirty new features and several new templates (including one that looks a lot like iWeb's "watercolor" theme). Some of the big changes include:
  • Support for QuickTime movies and Mp3 files
  • The ability to create contact forms, page counters, HTML snippets and external HTML pages
  • Thumbnail rollovers
  • Layered images
There's more, of course, and you can get the full run-down here. Shutterbug requires Mac OS 10.3.9 or 10.4.3 or later. It's universal, and a single license will cost you $50US.
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