Ubisoft booth tour

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Ubisoft booth tour
Ubisoft booth tour

Ubisoft has a pretty significant presence in the South Hall, showcasing upcoming titles like Assassin's Creed, Red Steel, Rayman 4, and Rainbow Six: Vegas. Of course, as one of the largest publishers in the world, we wouldn't expect any less. Sprinkled in with the French accents that always manage to sound so elegant, were hard pitches from actors pushing Ubisoft's flagship franchises.

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Ubisoft was only showing video footage of their Wii-shooter, Red Steel. Nintendo is controlling all access to the Wii in their own booth, where Red Steel is indeed playable. How does it play? Let's just say it needs some work ...

It's open season on cute games. Ubisoft's Open Season had a cute little nature diorama, replete with [faux] leaves and [faux] trees.

Want to meet the Penny Arcade guys? Yeah, so do we. They never return our calls, and don't like it when we follow them home and park across the street, with our headlights out. Just kidding guys ... but seriously, we just want to be friends.

Ubisoft is publishing Enchanted Arms, the Xbox 360 JRPG formerly (unpronouncably) known as [em] -eNCHANT arM-. We're expecting a tight localization from the team at Ubisoft. No Jangrish please, kthx.

Rayman diorama, with requisite creepy-ass bunny. I'm not joking, that thing is Donnie Darko creepy. Hey Ubisoft, what's up with the pre-rendered footage mixed in with shots of people interacting with the game? You can't interact with pre-rendered scenes, right?

Speaking of pre-rendered trailers, Assassin's Creed is getting a whole lot of buzz. We're hoping it plays like the love child of Thief and Prince of Persia, with some Metal Gear Solid thrown in just because.

Yeah, we know Brothers in Arms ranks as one of the best WWII shooters around. Still, non way we're getting excited for another WWII shooter. Seriously, we get it! Nazis are bad!

Splinter Cell: Double Agent is going to be one of the biggest 360 games of the year. The demo was playable ... just not by us. The dude up there had a hard sell approach, pitching the Sam Fisher product.

The most prominent dislay was for Rainbow Six: Vegas which, like Double Agent, wasn't playable by us. But it was playable, and it looked great. The presentation was a little distracting, what with the [faux] slot-machines and non-stripping strippers flanking the stage.
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