South Korea outfitting elderly, disabled with bioshirts

Evan Blass
E. Blass|05.15.06

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South Korea outfitting elderly, disabled with bioshirts
Proving that there's more to working in South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communication than just building insect-like robot soldiers for surveillance and killing, the department has initiated a pilot program which was designed to prevent, and not cause, people's deaths. Specifically, the agency is outfitting 100 elderly and disabled folks in Daegu City with so-called bioshirts, which as we've seen before, monitor a patient's vital signs and wirelessly signal for help if anything is awry. Called the "U-Healthcare Service," the $1.4 million program is initially targeting senior citizens who live alone, as well as patients with chronic ailments, and also provides options for running self-diagnostics, enabling remote monitoring, and even rudimentary medical consultations.

[Via Smart Mobs, image courtesy of Sensatex]
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