Portable iPod protection with Yelpie

There are several waysto protect your iPodat workor on-the-go, but what to do when you're at the beach and you need to leave your 'Pod unattended while you take a dip in the water? Unless you actually have some friends who are willing to watch your valuables for you -- which is unlikely, if you're sitting around reading this blog on a Sunday afternoon (we kid, we kid) -- your best bet is probably a new motion sensor-equipped product adorably-named "Yelpie" that sounds a loud alarm if anyone tries to mess with your gear. After stowing the device of your choice inside Yelpie's secure yellow confines, arming the unit with your personal PIN number ensures that thieves trying to make off with the case will be treated to a shrieking, attention-grabbing 90-decibel alarm that's likely to shame him/her into dropping the goods and slinking away empty-handed. Friendless beach-goers will be able to pick up one of these portable safes sometime in the middle of the month for around $70, which in the long run is much cheaper than hiring the local kids who probably steal your stuff themselves as often as they actually guard it.

[Via Real Tech News]