DS Lite buyer's guide -- pimp my Lite

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|06.07.06

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With the US release of the DS Lite close enough for us to begin using the word "impending", our favorite quad-colored insurrectionists have posted an excellent buyer's guide to aid you in the inevitable hunt for games and accessories. The guide details the Lite's many improvements over the old model, explains how to transfer your Wi-Fi settings between the two and lists 7 DS games you cannot be without.  We found the section on accessories to be particularly informative, with several popular rappers chiming in on the hottest items you can use to pimp and protect your Lite.

Who knew that Snoop Dogg was dependent on a USB charger? "He is a busy man, what with all the pimping his schedule requires and the dropping of items as if they were hot. This is why the Doggfather keeps a USB cable for his DS handy. Using one of these, you can charge your DS Lite anytime and anywhere a USB PC port is available. Though its convenience may sound expensive, the $5 cost ain't nuthin' but a cheap thang."

4 Color Rebellion has the guide in flash, PDF, and shizzle formats.

[Thanks, shiftup!]
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