Pepsi posters let you plug in your headphones

While the idea of plugging our headphones into the same jack as every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the subway is slightly off-putting, we can't fault Pepsi for their innovative new advertising campaign that encourages passers-by to listen to short song snippets from publicly-situated multimedia displays. Close to 100 of the interactive posters have been deployed by Canadian advertising firm BBDO around the Toronto and Vancouver areas, allowing you to quickly unplug from your iPod and jack into 30 seconds of tunes that are meant to whet your appetite for owning the entire track. Once you're hooked, you're presumably supposed to go out and buy yourself a bottle of Pepsi, which will contain an exclusive PIN number redeemable on the company's site for that song you liked along with other music-related swag. The most interesting part about this whole campaign, advertising tricks aside, is the fact that Canadians actually seem willing to expose their digital audio players in public, while we Americans are doing everythingwepossiblycan to keep those precious 'Pods under heavy lockdown.

[Via Sagags]