Download-and-Burn movies getting closer

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Download-and-Burn movies getting closer
Download-and-Burn might just become the new mantra of the MPAA yet. Recently, the studios dropped their asinine controversial demands to retrofit set-top DVD players and DVD-ROM drives with expensive watermark detection technology. Instead, the demand is now limited to new devices with enhanced features such as the ability to burn downloaded movies or support managed copy; not to your run-of-the mill living room DVD player. Under the proposal, these so-called "enhanced devices" would also have to incorporate HDCP on all digital outputs as well as CGMS-A on analog outs in an effort to curb piracy. Something to keep in mind with your next TV purchase, eh? Sure, the watermark technology must still be chosen along with a new method for CSS authentication. But this clears the way for an overall download-and-burn agreement for standard-definition DVDs (not Blu-ray or HD DVD folks) which would allow the likes of Walmart, Target, and Best Buy to implement their download kiosks and enable the good peeps at Netflix to finally stream their flix into our homes for that sweet, sweet burn.

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]
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