NHL HDTV backlash

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NHL HDTV backlash image
NHL HDTV backlash image
The NHL Stanley Cup finals had an exciting series and a nice high-def broadcast, so everybody's happy right? Wrong. Once again, some SDTV holdout is ranting about how HDTV is ruining the game. The source of his complaint? At some point in Game 6, they couldn't locate the culprit when an extra man on the ice penalty was called. The announcer said later that "'I've just been told if you have HD (High Definition Television) you would be able to see the (extra) man going off the ice". As a result the writer gets all up in arms about how people without HDTVs are being called poor slobs, and worse , that the integrity of sport has been compromised because god forbid, there might be a moment where no camera angle shows every single player on the ice.

We're not sure why he has a problem with widescreen aspect ratio and increased resolution helping you to see a bit more of the ice than you otherwise could (isn't that the point?), not to mention that the announcer was probably joking. NFL officials last we heard were considering high definition instant replay, but until now have been restricted to SD so his concerns about a difference in quality in game officiating appear to be unfounded. Too bad high definition wasn't there to compromise the integrity of the game during the '66 World Cup
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