m300 "Mobile Watch" to finally deliver on watch phone promise?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.30.06

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m300 "Mobile Watch" to finally deliver on watch phone promise?
In the "we'll believe it when it starts shipping" department, we present to you the m300 GSM watch phone by SMS Technology of Australia, a company that appears to be better known for mobile poker tournaments than for manufacturing phones. Our heart has been broken enough times to know that watch phones make better prototypes than they do shipping products, but we can't help get a little excited here: the m300 promises a speakerphone, Bluetooth, and color display in a fairly normal-looking waterproof casing. You can preorder the device for for $499 (possibly Australian dollars) with a promised shipping date of December 2006, but we think we're going to sit back and let this one play out a bit before we bite.

[Via Slashphone]
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