Immerse yourself in Immersion's PS3 rumble survey

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|07.06.06

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Immerse yourself in Immersion's PS3 rumble survey
Immerse yourself in Immersion's PS3 rumble survey
Immersion Technology has slapped up an online poll that seeks to get insight from the gaming public about their feelings towards the lack of a rumble feature in Sony's new console. It's essentially a tool to petition Sony into adding rumble to their controller, maybe to incorporate their own new technology: TouchSense vibration.

Immersion's website really makes the technology sound far more appealing than the tilt-sensor feature of the current PS3 controller. Imagine being able to feel your car in a racing game run over a rock on the left side -- your left hand feels a sudden, violent jolt. Now imagine using your controller to steer the car ... kind of. Hmm. Kojima was right in wishing for a switch to go between the two features, but this new TouchSense technology "can work alongside motion-control and tilt-sensing features". What? Why isn't Sony jumping on this? Perhaps we should all take the poll, multiple times, regardless of whether or not it's biased and hope Sony listens. Having the best of both worlds would certainly rock and roll. Or ... rumble and tilt.

[via Joystiq]
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