Trinity low-cost Linux-based portable digital audio workstation

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Trinity low-cost Linux-based portable digital audio workstation
Upstart Trinity Audio Group is looking to attract budget-minded music producers and podcasters with their self-titled handheld, which promises all the capabilites you'd expect from a full-fledged digital audio workstation in a package smaller than a laptop. Based around CompuLab's tiny CM-X270L module, the Trinity runs Linux along with a variety of open source audio applications, including Audacity and Ecasound, for which Trinity says it's developing its own graphical front-end. The rest of the specs seem decent enough as well: you're getting a 6.5-inch TFT running at 640x480, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, built-in WiFi, two Neutrik combo jacks, and a purported four hours of battery life "under rigorous audio demands." If that sounds like just your fix, Trinity is happy to take your $1000 now and ship one whenever it's ready -- they're currently saying October.

[Via Linux Devices]
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