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Movielink to allow movie transfers to DVDs?

Movielink to allow movie transfers to DVDs?
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|July 17, 2006 8:27 PM

Have you been shunning Movielink because you don't feel like watching all your movies on your PC screen? If so, you're obviously not alone. The missed business is making the online film distributor re-think their insistence on refusing burnability in their downloads; it's been discovered that software technology from Sonic Solutions has been purchased to presumably allow for the DRM-infested files to be burned to DVDs somehow playable in any off-the-shelf DVD player. This approach could get real sticky: how does it keep DRM implemented on native DVDs, how does it stop dupes from showing up everywhere, and at this point, will anyone even pay attention? It's already known that studios are already finding alternate ways to get their films to viewers over the 'net: Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures have already inked deals with Guba in hopes of making downloads feel a bit less restrictive. Whether this (supposed) change will be enough to revitalize Movielink remains to be seen; the bigger question, however, is whether there's actually that big of a pent up demand for a DVD download-and-burn service.

[Via Digital Lifestyles]

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