Level 5's super-secret RPG revealed!

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Level 5's super-secret RPG revealed!
Remember how Famitsu said they had the scoop on some big-name game coming for the PSP? Well, here it is folks. A tiny scan from NeoGAF shows that it's a new strategy RPG from big-name developer Level 5. It's entiteld "Jeanne d' Arc," or Joan of Arc, for you English-speaking folk. What has Level 5 done before, you ask? They're the ones responsible for the uber-hit Dragon Quest VIII.

Additional reporting from IGN reveals more info on the game: it takes place in a fictional world based on the true story of Joan. While hearing voices from the heavens, Joan is ordered to fight demons and the English army. In order to do so, she will partake in turn-based strategy battles. However, there are a few twists. Features like "Burning Site" and "Connection Guard" can boost stats of players on the field, drastically changing the flow of battle. The game features "full 3D visuals that appear to actually push the PSP hardware" and is 70% done. We can expect more news on this hot PSP-exclusive title soon, considering how it will come out by the end of the year... in Japan.
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