Rumors: Jaffe's episodic crying adventure & streaming PS3 media

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Rumors: Jaffe's episodic crying adventure & streaming PS3 media
The Kotaku Rumor Mill has churned out some pretty nifty PSP rumors. Here they are, bullet-pointed for your reading pleasure:
  • We knew that David "God of War" Jaffe is developing a PSP game that would make you cry (something that porn can't do). However, the Rumor Mill suggests that his new adventure will go all Half-Life on us, becoming an episodic adventure. Each "episode" supposedly comes in at a whopping 700MB!
  • Well, if each episodic download is 700MB, that would be much too large for most Memory Sticks. It seems like Sony might be making a hard drive for the PSP. Kotaku and myself don't seem to think that'll happen.
  • The PSP will be able to stream music and video from the PS3 via any wi-fi connection, a la Location Free Player. Sounds a great bonus for PSP owners, especially if they're paying $600 for the system, a price which might be too cheap.
Remember kids, these are just rumors, so that means that they might not come true. But if they did come true, which one fancies you the most?
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