Breakfast Topic: Easy to Miss Quests

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|07.27.06

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Breakfast Topic: Easy to Miss Quests
There's been a thread making the rounds on the forums about the game's easy to miss quests, which started me thinking about the game's questing system. For the most part, quests are difficult to miss - NPCs in need of help stand around with large yellow exclamation points over their heads that are hard to ignore. In a game that's so intentionally user-friendly, what indeed is the point of hard to find quests, that few may ever see?

Having played the game through to level 60 on both Alliance and Horde sides, I'm always amused to find some bit of game content that's previously escaped me. But as to the point of these hidden quests - is their benefit in adding replayability to the game? In rewarding the persistent explorers who may find them? And how do you like your quests - straight up and in the open or a hidden gem in an obscure place?
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