X-Loupe gives your Canon IXUS microscopic powers

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Paul Miller
August 7th, 2006
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X-Loupe gives your Canon IXUS microscopic powers
Just like in 5th grade, some things are still pretty dang interesting when looked at up close. X-Loupe can help you in your quest of dang interesting stuff, by snapping onto a Canon IXUS camera (Digital ELPH in the States) and providing microscope-style 150x 5 megapixel photography. The unit has its own battery and LED lens ring, which should provide around 4 hours of magnification fun, and doesn't impede any of the usual IXUS features like preview, video recording or TV connectivity. X-Loupe can be obtained from the company of the same name for around $1450, and comes with a trio of lenses (60x, 100x and 150x) along with a Canon IXUS 65 camera to round out the package.

[Via gizmag]
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