WaPo looks at Mario Bros. with doe eyes

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WaPo looks at Mario Bros. with doe eyes
Sure, it's not hard hitting investigative journalism looking into whether or not Mario is a licensed plumbing contractor, but this puff piece on Nintendo's mascots in Sunday's Washington Post is still far more palatable than another misguided mainstream op/eds detailing the vagaries of those darned video games.

You'll recognize all sort of familiar names like Wedbush Morgan's omnipresent analyst Michael Pachter, EGM's footwear-homophonous editor Dan Hsu, and the now mythical Seattle landlord Mario is purportedly named after. Alright, so there's really not much here for the Joystiq reader to enjoy, but we can all admire how effortlessly Nintendo seems to get positive mainstream press; full page articles in major metropolitan papers of record about how great your franchise characters are sure ain't bad for business.

[Via Evil Avatar]
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