LucasArts partners with MechAssault team

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LucasArts partners with MechAssault team
LucasArts has formed an unholy alliance with Day 1 Studios, creators of original Xbox Live mega-hit, MechAssault. The two studios, with their powers combined, seek to create an original IP exclusively for next gen consoles. From the horse's mouth (i.e LucasArts' Peter Hirschmann),

"LucasArts is determined to deliver outstanding new ideas to next-generation consoles, and our partnership with the great people at Day 1 Studios creates another opportunity for us to bring innovation and creativity to the market. The phenomenal technology created by Day 1 directly affects gameplay in extremely innovative ways- and it perfectly complements the engaging story and intriguing characters you'd expect of a LucasArts title."

Mechs wielding lightsabers? Count us in.
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