HD-DVD drive will be the cheapest

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HD-DVD drive will be the cheapest
Speaking to Larry Hryb (AKA Major Nelson) in his recent pod blogcast, Microsoft's Albert Penello assured listeners that the upcoming HD-DVD add-on for the 360 would be the "cheapest HD-DVD player you can buy without a doubt, when it comes out." Now, with current players going for $400 or more, this means the anticipated add-on could cost over $300. Still, most speculate a price of around $200. The reason Microsoft can afford to make it so cheap less expensive than the $500-1000 competition is that the 360 itself will be handling the brunt of the work. Just to squeeze in a little offhanded Sony bashing, Penello reiterated that the 360 is about "choice." Quoth he,

"We're not betting our whole console on an unproven media format ... Look, the thing about it is they are betting the company on Blu-ray, and they are making the consumers pay for their bet."

So, now the million dollar question, would you buy the HD-DVD add-on for 200 bucks?

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