Uni-Creation's All-in-1 memory card reading calculator

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.18.06

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Uni-Creation's All-in-1 memory card reading calculator
Aside from the typical mathematical applications obviously associated with your average calculator, we've seen some pretty nifty implementations that took advantage of the not-exactly-advertised features hidden beneath the number pad. But Uni-Creation has taken the reverse approach here by stuffing a tabulation machine on top of a multi-format memory card reader. The All-in-1 pocket-sized conglomerate handles your checkbook balancing with ease, but it seems the primary duty of this contraption is to read just about every memory card format we've ever heard of (and some we haven't). Just check out this impressive list of cards it can digest: SMC, XD, SD, MMC, MMC???, RS-MMC, miniSD, CF, CF???, MicroDrive, MS, MS Pro, MediaGate, MediaGate Pro, MS Duo, MS MediaGate Duo, MS Pro Duo, MS MediaGate Pro Duo, and to top it all off, its fully compliant with the "UTMA Fish Card," whatever that may be. While you may assume that managing all those formats would be "all-inclusive" enough, the device goes an extra mile by sporting a calendar, alarm clock (with 8 monophonic tones to wake you), and even stores world times for 16 international locales (you know, since this is presumably the perfect travel accessory). Since we're hard pressed to think of a scenario where having a calculator and card reader on hand would be essential to your well being -- especially considering that handy "Calculator" app that comes pre-loaded on most every computer these days -- it's difficult to postulate when this awkward combination of gadgets would actually come in handy.

[Via Red Ferret]
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