Donate blood for a chance to win a 42-inch plasma

Matt Burns
M. Burns|08.21.06

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Matt Burns
August 21st, 2006
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Did we hear you right when you said that you would do anything for a plasma? Now is your chance, that is if you are lucky enough as The Red Cross in northeastern Pennsylvania is giving away via a drawing a 42-inch plasma, one of two 17-inch HD LCDs, free gas and an Apple Ipod during the month of August. It seems that you just need to show up and let 'em draw out your blood for a chance to win. There aren''t any details if you can enter more then once but this is a time where we just don't think it will be healthy. We can picture some high-def loving teenager (17+ can donate blood) driving around to all the donation sites, giving blood just for a chance to win that TV. Heck, we might even do it.

Vist to find the nearest blood drive
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