Watch a video of the PS3 interface, pretend it's you

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|08.22.06

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Watch a video of the PS3 interface, pretend it's you
This is a pretty neat video to watch. Not for the narration or the visuals, but to just picture yourself browsing through the deep blue... XMB (cross media bar). IGN got permission to show off the PS3 menu system and you know what? It's kind of bland. Bland does not mean bad, however. It is extremely user friendly and incredibly simple to navigate (both in game and out). Near the end of the video, we're told we can customize our wallpaper and whatnot. Give the thing a little more flavor. It's good, though. Some of us don't like big, flashy bubbly menus and worthless accessories in our interface. It's a man's interface! Right? Maybe not.

Don't be fooled by the video -- the resolution (at least from this laptop) was pretty bad, so most of the icons seemed very pixelated. The final version we get to play with will be a lot sharper, unless you cross your eyes. Basically, ignore the visual aspect of the video and focus on the ease of navigation, which isn't necessarily hampered by the poor video quality (at least, from this laptop). Watch the video, share your thoughts, but again, it is boring visually because you haven't had the chance to spice it up and personalize it.
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