Children of Mana preview

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|08.30.06

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Children of Mana preview

The Mana tree has always been one of our favorite, er, trees and we are happy to see the series possibly lift back to what it once was after that mistake of a Legend of Mana game. Yes, we said it. Legend of Mana and all its Winnie the Pooh type environments rubbed us the wrong way.

Fortunately, Children of Mana, set to release October 30, is forming rather well. Or, we think it is based on what other journalists lucky enough to play it are telling us.

Being able to play with a friend via ad-hoc seems fun and we like the sound of investigative revenge streaming from broken-hearted orphans. Hopefully, Children of Mana will aid in healing the series.

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