Cingular's September launches in writing (but not in stone)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.06.06

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Cingular's September launches in writing (but not in stone)
We encourage everyone to take these tidbits with the usual boulder-sized grain of salt, but America's favorite (read: only) HSDPA carrier has dropped their September launch grid, and on account of our friends' slippery hands, it's subsequently found its way over to Engadget HQ. Thanks to our own Boy Genius among countless other tipsters, nothing on the grid has really taken us by surprise -- no UMTS 1900 N80s, for example -- but we're encouraged by Cingular's (foolhardy?) optimism that the 8525 might yet see a release this month. Also allegedly along for the ride are the 3125, the oft-promised but rarely-delivered Nokia E62 (which turns out to be a lifetime exclusive for Cingular), the Samsung SGH-C417 that now appears to be on limited sale, and Sony Ericsson's middling W300 Walkman flip. And, oh yeah, the Motorola L6 is in there, too. Don't ask us.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]
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