Armored Core 4 not a launch title -- only two confirmed

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|09.07.06

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Armored Core 4 not a launch title -- only two confirmed
It was never officially announced as a launch title, but we did kind of hope Armored Core 4 was going to come out hand-in-hand with the PS3. Well, it's official now. The game isn't due to get released until December in Japan. That stinks. There are two titles officially stated for a November release in Japan: Fatal Inertia and Mahjong Taikai IV. If either of those are appetizing, please line up now. But they won't satisfy our mech-crushing desires.

Sony! Listen up. Stop, please. It's growing nearly impossible to throw a positive spin on things. What can we say about all that's gone on lately? "Uh, well, when the PS3 comes out in March in Europe, they'll have more launch titles"? We love you Sony. We trust you. But you've got to be honest with us! Yeah, this doesn't really have much to do with Armored Core 4, but it was just another title that made the pain a little more bearable. Now we have to wait for that, too. Sorry for the tangent -- sometimes it's tough to make bad news good. Even so, look for some mech-smashing come December.
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