Foxconn gets into the graphics card business. Huh?

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.09.06

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Foxconn gets into the graphics card business. Huh?
Ok folks, let's do a little role playing: imagine you're some big manufacturing company in Taiwan. Just for argument's sake, call yourself Foxconn Technology Group. Now imagine that your company produces one of the world's most popular gadgets (call it the iPod) for a company in California (call them Apple Computer), and then two Chinese journalists also investigate and then your company later sues them for $3.77 million. Then, a British journalist investigates your factory and confirms that your workers are working in erm, questionable conditions -- and even Apple starts looking into the matter. Upon further reflection of the absurdity of your lawsuit your company rescinds the lawsuit and reduces the damages to one yuan (12 cents). So, here's the question: what is the next logical step in this crazy sequence of events? After studying every successful business guide that we could get our hands on and consulting with everyone from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs, we've discovered that the only possible, rational and meaningful subsequent business move would be to start selling Joan Mirò-inspired NVIDIA graphics cards. Yes, we knew they were coming as of a few months ago -- but no, we don't think that makes it a good idea now.
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