New Square Enix games revealed for DS and PS2

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|09.13.06

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New Square Enix games revealed for DS and PS2
And quite unbelievably, one of them happens to be a Final Fantasy game. Confirmed by IGN and triumphantly splashed across the pages of Famitsu Shonen Jump, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings will bring the world of Ivalice to the DS. In case you've spent the last year traipsing about a disturbing parallel universe devoid of oxymoronic names, you'd note that the PS2 version is due for a release this Halloween. Judging by the more youthful appearance of the protagonists -- that's Vaan and sandwich soundalike, Penelo -- it would appear that Revenant Wings is a prequel of sorts. It makes sense, since they all die at the end of the PS2 adventure anyway.

No word yet on what the gameplay entails, but given the Ivalice setting, a direct continuation of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced wouldn't be out of place at all. If it's a more original experience you're after, the second DS game to be announced by Square Enix may do some naughty and unmentionable things to your fancy. It's a Wonderful World looks to be the end result of Kingdom Hearts and Jet Set Radio colliding violently on the freeway. Incidentally, that's exactly what happens at the end of Kingdom Hearts II.

That brings us to the final game shown on the scanned page, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The PS2 screenshot reveals a new card-based battle system, possibly indicating some connection to Chain of Memories on the GBA. Square Enix will no doubt clarify once the Tokyo Game Show begins later this month, but until then, feel free to scrutinize every last bit of the full scan.

[Note: This post contains fake spoilers! Thanks, Phantom42!]
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