UK to get PGR3 bundle September 22?

Ken Weeks
K. Weeks|09.19.06

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Ken Weeks
September 19th, 2006
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UK to get PGR3 bundle September 22?
It looks like Microsoft is coming through with some solid 360 bundles to kick off the shopping season. According to Yahoo Games, select retailers in the UK will offer the following bundle-licious value for £300 starting this Friday:

• A 360 console, complete with headset communicator and 20GB hard drive.
• A copy of Project Gotham Racing 3.
• Not one, but two wireless controllers.
• A Component HD AV cable with SCART adaptor

Still no confirmation on the GRAW / XBLA Unplugged bundle rumored for the US last week, but this would seem to add credibility. First person to actually score one of these deals please report.
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