Hudson names flyer, reveals other info

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David Hinkle
September 20th, 2006
Hudson names flyer, reveals other info
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away we made a claim that the rumored Pilotwings title coming to the Wii would be developed by Hudson. Well, we were wrong. Turns out, Hudson doesn't even need the Pilotwings name as they've come up with their own flight-based title in Wing Island. We aren't surprised in the least as Hudson has pledged to fully support Nintendo's console.

Naturally, the Wiimote will act as a yoke for the plane, allowing a more realistic control scheme for navigating the skies. A variety of missions and unlockable content, the game will also feature multiplayer, however we're unsure as to whether multiplayer encompasses playing online or if it is strictly limited to local play. Does this mean that the rumored Bonk title is a no-go or being put on the back burner?

The game's page at Hudson's site may be accessed here.
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