Researchers create a 1,000 page-per-minute printer

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.22.06

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Researchers create a 1,000 page-per-minute printer
If you're like us, the few times a year that you do have to print things out often involve stressful moments -- like when you're running late for your flight and the 30 seconds that it takes to print out your boarding pass feel like a lifetime. We're here to tell you that new printer technology is on the way that may make those harrowing 30 seconds as obsolete as that ImageWriter II that you had back in 1987, if a new technology makes it out of the lab and onto store shelves. Two Israeli researchers at The College of Judea and Samaria have come up with a new type of inkjet printer dubbed the JeTrix, which they hope will be to the inkjet printer what the ink-jet was to dot-matrix devices. Moshe Einat, one of the engineers involved, described his invention as being "like an 'ink-emitting screen,'" in the sense that ink would flow point by point -- and all at once -- instead of waiting for the cartridge to fully scan line by line -- theoretically reaching a speed of 1,000 pages in a single minute. Einat says that the printer should begin commercial production within two years, but don't expect them to come as freebies with your PC purchase anytime soon.
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