Smartparts' DPF56N 5.6-inch digital photo frame

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.23.06

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Smartparts' DPF56N 5.6-inch digital photo frame
With a name like Smartparts, it's gotta be good, right? While we can't judge the quality per se, the intriguingly-named company has crafted a sleek, classy digital picture display that looks more like a frame and less like a futuristic decoration. Sure to garner grandmother's approval, the DPF56N sports a 5.6-inch LCD, wireless remote, and slots for SD, MMC, and CF cards. After popping in any supported flavor of flash media (since there's no integrated storage), it automatically strikes up a slideshow for the whole family to enjoy, and can channel the fun to your TV set via the video out port. Smartpants also throws in two colored frames (black or silver) to suit those swinging moods, while offering a walnut wood alternative (DPF56E) for the naturalists; these digiframes are priced to move, too -- just $129.99 for the colorful duo or $99.99 for the woody.

[Via Photography Blog]
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