Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 11th - 17th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.25.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Sept 11th - 17th

The Burning Crusade
The priests' spell and talent preview has finally been released.
Rumored (yes, rumored) hunter spells and talents.
My first thought when I read about the new priest "Mass Dispel" ability was "Chromaggus" -- but apparently others have noticed alternate uses.
Collectors Edition? It hasn't been officially announced by Blizzard, but Upper Deck says you can expect to find some TCG cards inside.
Can't wait to see what the lay of the Outlands will be like? Well, you're in luck, because Blizzard has released an interactive preview map.
Playing without the Burning Crusade expansion -- what will you be missing out on?
Some tidbits -- stacking HoTs and hunter & warlock pet changes.

Patch 1.12.1
Expect these interesting (and unexpected!) changes to mounts.
Some more details on the upcoming mount changes.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
Have you ever had a really lucky day in Azeroth?
Newsweek wonders if World of Warcraft is really a game.
Playing "mains" and "alts."
What sorts of little habits do you have for your daily routine within Azeroth?
Sorry, I know I just won that Dal'Rends, but I need to go wash my hair...
Coping with everyone's favorite micro-management mini-game -- limited bag space.
Gold buying and you.
The long road to 'Exalted'.
There may not really be a best way to /gquit.
What kind of weekend plans do you have?
On body images in World of Warcraft.

Fishing for noobs.
Some great raid videos: Sapphiron, Kel'Thuzad, and Atiesh.

Tips & tricks
New to the game? Please stop asking how to find Mankrik's wife. Please.
Jennie discusses the best ways to level up quickly.
David ponders leveling and discusses his super-leveling system.
Warcraft Rookie advises you to get a wand!
Warcraft Rookie discusses how to earn your own gold.

Preview of Alliance hero Boris Brightbeard, Dwarven priest.
Preview of The Battle of Darrowshire -- a quest, of course!
Preview of the Barman Shanker dagger.
Preview of the mage's Fireball ability.
Preview shaman's Frost Shock ability. (Frost shock!)
Preview of the priest's Smite ability. (Lol, smite.)
Preview of the priest's Mind Blast ability.

Around Azeroth

See mysterious Dalaran from above.
Peek inside the Undercity's Apothecarium.
Check out the Goblin's unique monument at Jameiro's Point.
Why does it always have to be Murlocs...?
A snapshot of several druids in their natural habitat.
See the moon shining over Dun Morogh.

The latest comic contest honorable mentions.
Win a new computer, courtesy of Blizzard -- by doing what, again?

Bugs & maintenance
In-game iTunes controls for the Mac aren't quite working right.

Guilds & raiding

Legendary staff Atiesh spawns legendary sword Andonisus, Reaper of Souls -- but only long enough for the rest of us to drool over it.
Check the latest GuildWatch for more guild comings and goings.
The guild Risen has acquired the world's first Corrupted Ashbringer.

Blizzard news
Vivendi seems to be raking in the cash from World of Warcraft.

Odds & ends

Jennie speculates on professions that leave plenty of free time for playing.
I don't think these warlock jokes are new -- but they're still funny.
Making real-life Westfall Stew -- oh my!
This week's Phat Loot Phriday presents -- the Bad Mojo Mask!

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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