SMS to the rescue: texting saves boy's life

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.05.06

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SMS to the rescue: texting saves boy's life
Granted, it's incredibly annoying to be unknowingly tracked and monitored by your superiors, but you know what they say, you really can never be too careful. In the case of a Bourne, Massachusetts boy, the cellphone his parent's presumably used to keep a short leash on him ended up saving his life; after being duped on MySpace (haven't we learned by now?) and flown to a small town in Georgia, the hopeless kid was held captive by a crazed (albeit technically illiterate) maniac. By making the mistake of leaving the clever youngster alone -- and assuming all communication required spoken words -- the child was able to warm up those texting fingers and shoot out an SMS to his folks containing his exact location and precarious environment, which eventually led to his rescue. While specialized SOS phones are making emergencies easier to evade, it's good to see texting finally get some positive PR love for a change.

[Via Textually]
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