Belkin launches SportCommand wearable iPod remote

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.09.06

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Belkin launches SportCommand wearable iPod remote

If you're the type of person whose life resembles a Mountain Dew commercial, then there's probably been more than one occasion when you've foolishly tried to fiddle with your iPod's controls while doing something very dangerous at a very high rate of speed. Well since you're (hopefully) not reading this from a hospital bed, luck has apparently been on your side so far, but instead of tempting fate yet again during your next x-treme sporting expedition, Belkin hopes that you'll keep it safe with its new SportCommand remote. The weather-resistant, big-buttoned arm band features an adjustable Velcro strap for use with even the bulkiest snowboarding or Starter jacket, and sends your commands to a compatible iPod equipped with the included receiver (all 'Pods will work save for non-click wheel and, obviously, Shuffle varieties). Sure you could get the same functionality from an Audex jacket or the iSuit, but Burton charges an arm and a leg for its gear and you'd look pretty silly skydiving in a two-piece suit. Look for the SportCommand at your favorite iPod retailer (i.e. any store in America) sometime in November -- when it'll set you back $80 -- and keep reading for an x-treme close-up shot...

[Via TUAW]

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