Dig Dug inflates XBLA, pops it

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Dig Dug inflates XBLA, pops it
After some mystery regarding its release date on Xbox.com, Namco's classic arcade title Dig Dug is finally on Xbox Live Arcade, joining other Namco arcade classic titles like Pac-Man and Galaga. After Doom's surprise release two week's ago and last week's Vision cam freebie, Totem Ball, Dig Dug is a return to everyone's least favorite XBLA additions. 400 Microsoft Points ($5 USD) nets you a game you've played dozens of times.

So what have they done to entice cynical, reticent gamers? Well, they've added 720p HD support, some XBL Achievements, and the obligatory online Leaderboards, but don't expect any online multiplayer (we're sure they could have come up with something). The only two titles left sitting on the "Coming Soon" list are Contra and Lumines Live!, both with unlisted dates. Who's gonna be next?

[image credit: i am 8-bit]
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