Forever Blue strikes a chord with divers [update 1]

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|10.11.06

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Forever Blue strikes a chord with divers [update 1]

It's rare that we get tipped off about a title by a scuba diving site, but it looks like there's a first time for everything after all. Forever Blue, a diving game set for the end of 2007 (for now, at least), was first announced during the Japanese Nintendo event last month, but there was so much going on that we hope you'll forgive us for losing it in the shuffle. Developer Arika has some experience in the creation of underwater environments, as they were responsible for the PS2's Ever Blue and Ever Blue 2. A shift to the Wii for a game like this just makes sense. And you won't be swimming solitary in the deep, either; WiFi support is planned, so you can explore with your friends.

It's interesting to note that a diving site not only picked up the story, but presented it with such enthusiasm, while at the same time having to explain the Wii to their nongamer audience. Though this is certainly not the first game of its type -- see above -- the immersion of the Wiimote makes it a unique and exciting title, and one that we have high hopes for.

[Update 1: Somehow, the link to the original story disappeared ... fixed!]
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