Office 12 for the Mac not delayed

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|10.12.06

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Office 12 for the Mac not delayed
I'm as anxious about a Universal version of Office as you are (plus, I'm really looking forward to some of the new features in Office 2007 that might make it into the Mac version) but I thought it quite odd when I kept reading, 'OMG!!11!!, Office is totally delayed! Smooth move, Microsoft!' I hadn't heard an official launch date, so how could Office be delayed?

Luckily, those kooky folks over at the MacBU (you know, the people that are actually coding Office for the Mac) have a blog. They just posted the news that Office isn't delayed. Hurrah! Though, sadly, there is still no release date. They mention that Office for the Mac ships 6 - 8 months after Office for Windows and they are on track for that goal. Let's all wait until the new Windows version ships to start rumors that Office for the Mac is delayed, or even better, that old chestnut that Office for the Mac will be discontinued.
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