BenQ's FP92W: an all purpose 19-inch LCD

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Thomas Ricker
October 12th, 2006
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BenQ's FP92W: an all purpose 19-inch LCD

BenQ has a new 19-incher they're prepping to hock onto the low-end display market. The FP92W delivers a 1440x900 WXGA+ LCD with a 5ms response, 700:1 contrast, 300cd/m2 brightness, and 160-degree top/bottom and 170-degree left/right visibility. It also features 2x DVI and D-Sub 15 inputs. Set to roll in Japan on October 16 for an estimated street price of ¥33,000 (about $276) making this a decent, all-media panel for dorm room livin' on the cheap.

[Via Impress]
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