Sling Media's Slingbox HD Connect up for pre-order

Now that you've had time to let the barrage of newSlingboxennews sink in a bit, you may be eying that crimson-colored Slingbox PRO to use with that oh-so-stunning HD service. Trouble is, Sling Media's making us HD junkies fork over an extra $50 to gain 1080i support from high def tuners / DVRs -- but at least we now know (almost) exactly when we can start streaming that HD goodness to our PCs, laptops, and bevy of mobile devices. Sling has just now opened up the pre-order gates for the HD Connect dongle via its own online store, and while the brief description doesn't tell us much more than we already know (still no HDMI support, folks), those who get their orders in now can expect to start tapping the full potential of that snazzy Slingbox PRO in early November.

[Thanks, Aaron]