Slingbox PRO, Slingbox AV, and Slingbox Tuner get official

Details about all threeof these already leaked out over the past couple of weeks, but Sling Media is formally introducing three new Slingboxes, the Slingbox PRO, the Slingbox AV, and the Slingbox Tuner. All three perform the same basic function -- they let you stream TV from your cable box (digital or analog), satellite receiver, or DVR to a computer or mobile device -- it's just that each is aimed at different segments of the market.

  • The Slingbox PRO is their new flagship model, with additional inputs and outputs so you can control up to four audio or video sources (sadly, if you want to use high-def component inputs you need to drop an extra fifty bucks on a dongle they're calling the HD Connect -- there is no option for HDMI). The PRO also supports 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios. Retail price will be $249.99

  • The Slingbox AV is aimed at users who have a digital cable set-top box, satellite receiver, or DVR, and don't want or need to control any other A/V sources. The AV also supports 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios and will retail for $179.99.

  • The Slingbox Tuner is specifically for people who have analog cable and will retail for $179.99.

Click on for pics of the Slingbox AV and Slingbox Tuner.

The Slingbox PRO from the back.

That's the Slingbox AV on the left and the Slingbox Tuner on the right.