Delphi's SkyFi3 gets official-er

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Paul Miller
October 17th, 2006
Delphi's SkyFi3 gets official-er
We've been tossed around a bit with this new SkyFi3 player from Delphi, but they've finally gotten one of those fancy press releases out for the thing, so hopefully this will stick. At least all the specs are the same: 2.8-inch monochrome display, microSD slot, external card-dock or Live Wearable Kit for live XM radio, 30 minutes of pause-replay, 10 hours of XM recording, etc. What's new is that the player's price has been jacked up to $230, and the release date has been pushed back to December 1st. Luckily, the Live Wearable Kit ($50) should come free with most retail purchases, but we're not exactly stoked about the price hike and new launch date all the same.

Delphi pinged to let us know the $230 package includes a running / wearable kit, whereas the base $199 package is for the regular car kit.
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